The Holy Spirit and the Waltz

Jesus is speaking to my heart about deepening my relationship with the Holy Spirit, the third person of the Trinity. He is my constant companion, my counselor and helper.

In John 15, Jesus describes rest and fruitfulness as abiding in the Vine.

Abiding sounds so restful. The Holy Spirit initiates and I respond to His leading, as sensitively as a woman who waltzes with a wonderful capable strong, yet graceful partner. She has learned to relax and allow him lead her around the dance floor.

So often I’ve tried to do life in my own strength, thinking I just need to do my best.

How little I accomplish dancing alone. I’ve always desired to produce big fruit for God’s kingdom, but now I’m catching a glimpse that fruitfulness doesn’t come from me at all, but from the Paraclete, the Helper, the author of all fruitfulness. Can I get It? Can I relax long enough to take hold of the hand of the Holy Spirit trusting that He loves me enough to help me, to lead me in all I do? He loves me, not from a distance, but from within and without. I am His temple. May I learn all that means. This will be an adventure!

In the past, doing things by myself felt like safety for I was in control, or so I thought.  Adventure and the dance will mean stopping, listening, and waiting upon the Holy Spirit to lead, to speak, and empower me. It involves trust. I am to be responsive, not responsible.

Here’s the root of my problem. I have never been good at waiting or fully trusting. It always meant that I might miss out, be lost, be uncared for, or someone might die. Really!

The Holy Spirit has been waiting for me for many years to recognize Him and His great love for me. He is willing to help me, to come along side, to be my very life.

Now, I am willing to wait for Him, to acknowledge Him, to accept His invitation to do life with Him and in Him.

Lord, show me how to slow dance with Your Holy Spirit, to wait to be asked, to not step on His toes, and try not to lead. I know I shall enjoy the dance and be ever so refreshed, as I see all He has done through my responsiveness to His leading.

An interview with Gena by Life Center Church about the Holy Spirit.