I Can't Rest Now, Lord! I'm Responsible...

I Can’t Rest Now, Lord! I’m Responsible…

Gena Bradford writes for the inspirational market, gently reminding weary,
beleaguered men and women of their immeasurable worth to God. A former struggler with burnout, she shares vibrant, life-changing lessons, helping others come into God’s rest amid the relentless, everyday challenges of working and living. God loves rested sheep! They are winsome witnesses to a tired, discouraged, and hungry-for-rest world.

Through Gena’s honest reflections on her own journey, you’ll learn to let go, trust more, and open up to God’s best for you!

Joe Wittwer
Lead Pastor of Life Center Church in Spokane, WA

Gena Bradford

Moving cross-country and around the world on a yearly basis as a child with her military family, Gena Bradford often felt untethered. But when her grandmother gifted her a diary, life started to seem just that much more stable.

“The blank page became a welcoming, unconditional friend,” she said. “Journaling was my way of processing life, praying, listening and recording life lessons.”

From then on, while journaling, writing poetry or experimenting with short stories and children’s literature, Bradford never stopped writing, but it wasn’t until her mid-30s – after raising four children and running a home daycare center for several years – that she finally had the chance to finish her English degree.

She remembered the words of encouragement from Linda Hunt, her writing professor at Whitworth: “Gena, you’ve got a hundred stories to tell.”

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